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Kinu the king of orange. Haryana and Punjab produce the finest quality of Fresh juicy kinu renowed for the good taste all over the world. And heavily Demanded all over the world is the juicy, soft, Scented and refreshing fruit.

Kinu season runs from December to March. After selection (kinu) by our experienced team, They are washed, waxed and Treated with citrashine + fungazil 500ec + tbz. After this treatment Kinu retain fresh upto 50 days.

Kinnu are packed in corrugated paper boxes of the requierd weight And / or number of pieces. The normal packing required by the buyers is 10 KG.

We are one of the well established traders, manufacturers, importers & suppliers of wide range of products including Fresh fruits (Kinnu). Kindly submit your specific requirement along with quantity, accordingly, we shall quote you our most competitive price.

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